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Culterra 10+4+6
For consumers
For professionals

Culterra 10+4+6 contains:
10% Nitrogen (N)
4% Phosphate (P)
6% Potassium (K)

Organic matter at least 40%

The used raw materials in Culterra 10+4+6 are of plant and animal origin. Through the balanced recipe it provides and optimal fertilizer for all that grows and flowers.


Culterra 10+4+6 contains protein rich raw materials, which are converted by the soil bacteria into plant nutrients. This natural process ensures a timed and optimal fertilizing process over a long period.

The slow release properties of this fertilizer prevent growth explosions and guarantee optimal results.


Culterra is available in small pellets. The pellets can be applied by hand or machine preferable just before rain Culterra solves quickly in water and does not wash out.

Culterra 10+4+6

Culterra 10+4+6 is a full range fertilizer for your entire garden including lawns.

Culterra 10+4+6 (in the green bag) is available in 5, 10, and 25 kg.

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