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Culterra SP 6-3-18 fertilizer
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Culterra 7+6+12+4Mgo contains:
7% nitrogen (N)
6% phosphate (P2O5)
12% potassium (K2O)

4% magnesium (MgO)

Minimum of organic matter is 35%.

Special organic fertilizer that combines high potassium and magnesium values. Through the magnesium good colorization of leaves is accomplished


A balanced fertilizer that is used in the arboriculture, fruitgrowing en sports and amenity market.


Exellent autumn fertilizer for lawns, sportfields and golfcourses.

Culterra 7+6+12 organic fertilizer

Culterra 7+6+12+4Mgo is available in 25, 500 en 1000 kg packaging


Culterra 7+6+12+4Mgo is available as mini granulate and in 3mm pellets.

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